Crashed into a meadow – sleepwalker fell out of a window in Styria

Presumably because he was sleepwalking, a 30-year-old fell eight to nine meters from a window of his guest accommodation in Gamlitz, southern Styria, on Tuesday night. The Pole was injured in the impact on a meadow, but was able to call for help himself.

The Pole is in southern Styria with work colleagues because they are laying fiber optic cables there. The men are staying in guest accommodation in Gamlitz (Leibnitz district), with the 30-year-old having a room on the upper floor. At around 11.40 p.m., the neighbor heard the cries for help. The man must have fallen out of the window shortly beforehand. The worker was flown to the LKH Graz by the crew of the ÖAMTC rescue helicopter C17, the police said. According to colleagues, the man is a sleepwalker. Since there are no direct witnesses to the fall and the injured person has not yet been questioned, the reason is not yet clear clarified. However, his colleagues said that he occasionally sleepwalked and that he usually had no memory of it the next day.
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