Crater landscape – chalet village on Pass Thurn is on hold

“We have started to work again and will finish the chalet complex in 2023”, astonished Walther Staininger, project operator of the planned luxury complex in Mittersill, with his statement. Because apart from him, nobody seems to notice the construction work on Pass Thurn. The excavators stand still.

The construction site for the planned “Six Senses” resort on Pass Thurn is still in a state of corona rigor. As reported, the pandemic caused economic turmoil for the project and construction work was canceled. Since autumn, project operator Walther Staininger has been regularly announcing: “It goes on!” Since then, however, almost nothing has happened, as a local inspection of the “Krone” showed. “That must have been a snapshot. There is work going on, there is a lot to do. The financing is secured, ”affirmed Staininger.

But even the mayor of Mittersill does not notice the alleged construction progress. “We now have a crater landscape that is not beautiful. Something will finally have to happen over the summer, ”said Wolfgang Viertler. The municipality no longer has any influence on the approved project.