Crazy Horse dancers gently get back in the saddle

By Ophélie Francq

Posted today at 5:00 p.m., updated at 5:26 p.m.

Fitting session for dancer Daniella, alias Tina Tobago, in Saint-Denis, July 23.

In a former production studio in Saint-Denis, Daniella, aka Tina Tobago, tries on a costume for a new number. Blue wig with squared bangs, red lips, excessively short shorts, seamed stockings, imitation Chanel jacket, the artist tries a kick to see if the outfit will not interfere with dancing. Monday, August 2, the Crazy Horse troupe meet for five weeks of rehearsal in this hangar, on a stage exact replica of that of the famous cabaret, avenue George-V, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées.

The return of the shows is scheduled for September, after almost a year and a half of interruption, except for four weeks of performances, in October 2020. Unheard of since the creation of the institution in 1951. This late reopening is a choice resulting from the absence of foreign customers this summer : “In any case, the summer period is not the best season for Crazy”, positive Andrée Deissenberg, its creation and development director.

It is also a solution to allow the 18 dancers in CDI and the few intermittent a smooth recovery. As a result of the sudden stopping of the performances, the bodies, delicate mechanics, are rusty, sometimes injured, and the mind often far from the shows. We will have to be careful: “Three hours of rehearsal in the studio each day will never correspond to three hours on stage, where the girls always go after their emotional and physical capacities, warns Svetlana Konstantinova, the stage director, who trains the dancers. I’m counting on the adrenaline and excitement to get back on stage, hoping it doesn’t turn into angst. “

Block dancer and nurse

For the moment, Svetlana Konstantinova, Andrée Deissenberg and the dressers scrutinize Tina’s costume in detail, who strikes a pose, perched on the heels of her Louboutin pumps. Impossible to imagine that, two months earlier, the 31-year-old was unable to lift her arms, her shoulders blocked by a 2020 year under high tension.

“Going from 13 shows a week to nothing at all wakes up injuries and pains that are bearable when you train daily, tendonitis, sore feet, shoulders …” Emma, ​​dancer

After the announcement of the Crazy Horse’s closure in March 2020, Daniella-Tina, previously a block nurse, decided to help in hospitals. “For four months, I worked in the emergency room and in an intensive care unit. It was extremely difficult, I had never exercised in such conditions ”, she remembers. She continues to fulfill her role of caregiver from time to time.

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