Crazy promotion: Burger chain gives away menus to fully vaccinated people

Delicious incentive
Burger chain offers rewards for vaccinated people

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The lockdown hit restaurateurs badly – a high vaccination rate can prevent further closures. That is why a first restaurant operator now wants to reward people who have been completely vaccinated.

In the United States and other parts of the world, corporate vaccination incentives are already common practice. Now the first campaigns are also coming in Germany: Those who were “lucky” and got the corona vaccination early can look forward to delicious rewards: Fully vaccinated people will soon be able to get burger menus for free. The campaign should run until the end of August for the time being.

Peter Pane, a restaurant chain particularly widespread in northern Germany, wants to reward everyone who “has already had a full vaccination and thus automatically makes an important contribution to the fight against Corona and a possible further lockdown” with an entire menu. The conditions: The second vaccination must be at least 14 days ago and the vaccinated person must present their vaccination certificate – then there is a free menu. However, there are some restrictions: The menu can only be ordered on weekdays and only at lunchtime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

A burger menu as a thank you for solidarity

“We would like to show appreciation through our contribution and thank everyone who has already been vaccinated,” says Patrick Junge. The entrepreneur had repeatedly drawn public attention to how much the long closing time demanded, especially of the restaurateurs. Just like his crew, he is all the more pleased to finally be able to receive guests in the restaurants again.

Such free gifts and rewards are already common in other countries; they are intended to provide an incentive for those who have not yet been vaccinated to overcome immunization and show solidarity with society. There are also other solidarity campaigns: In Great Britain, for example, the fast food chain McDonald’s has now announced that it will be giving all healthcare workers a 20 percent discount on a burger menu of their choice once a week for the rest of the year in order to recognize the great achievements of this professional group.

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