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The main problem with the hottest hair colors on social media? They usually look great when you step out of the barber shop, but they also have the annoying habit of quickly turning an unflattering color after a few washes. A problem that will not be on the agenda with the new trendy hair color that is already shaping up to be the color of the stars for fall 2021: creamy peach coloring !

What exactly is "creamy peach" hair color?

New fashion beauty addict, this hair color inspired by gourmet peaches (as the name suggests) accurately recreates the beautiful pastel pink orange tones fruit in our hair. To give you a more precise idea of ​​the result: the tones that mark the lengths are very close to those of the famous peach emoji, very trendy in the field of beauty for several months. The creamy peach hair therefore promises to ensure an original and sparkling look, to remove the gray from our life and even to marry beautifully with our favorite make-up colors. This hair color trend is reminiscent of the neon peach color that caused a sensation during the summer of 2018, but it is much easier to adopt thanks to the softness of its peach tones (and will be perfect on those with a red base). Less extravagant, this version of peach color is much more elegant and subtle, and therefore easier to wear on a daily basis. Cherry on the cake ? The creamy peach color develops well over time, as it blends more harmoniously with the hair when washing.

Canon, right?

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