Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2: Test & Review


  • Dimensions
    • Soundbar: 600 x 95 x 62mm
    • Subwoofer: 150 x 367 x 367mm
    • Remote : 150 x 40 x 20mm
  • Power supply transformer: 100–240V~50/60Hz 2.5A
  • Transformer output power: 24V~3.0A
  • Soundbar output power: 66W RMS
  • Subwoofer output power: 60W RMS
  • Total system power: up to 126W RMS, maximum power 252W
  • Frequency response: 50 to 20,000kHz


Here’s what awaits you when the show opens. Sound Blaster Katana V2 :

  • Sound Blaster Katana V2 soundbar
  • subwoofer
  • Remote
  • AC transformer
  • Mains cables
  • Optical cable (Toslink)
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • IR remote control
  • Quick Start Guide


The sound bar Sound Blaster Katana V2 is worked, sober, and benefits from a brushed aluminum coating as well as finely mesh protections on the front, side and upper audio zones. We find in its center an LED screen giving the information necessary to monitor its operation. Note that the bar is of medium length, with sides at open angles while the frame is pointing upwards to target your ears.


As for the subwoofer, it remains quite ordinary and coated in a grainy black plastic. Note that it is still quite imposing and that the loudspeaker is located on the left side constraining a position that does not cover the latter.


Finally, to affirm its membership in the world of gaming, the soundbar is equipped with a RGB linear area in the lower part which becomes even more present if you place it on a piece of furniture. However, if this concept puts you off, it is possible to modify and/or completely turn off the RGB power supply.



The Sound Blaster Katana V2 is equipped with a plethora of on-the-fly buttons right on the top of the soundbar. These allow you to turn on the device, raise/lower the sound, choose the source or even change the mode. A real Christmas tree that you won’t regret having on hand.

If all this seems complete and practical, the manufacturer does not stop there and thinks of more mobile or distant users with the integration a dedicated remote control. The latter conforms to offer the ultimate in customization at your fingertips.
Finally, the wall installation remains accessible using the fixing brackets and screws available automatically in the box. Ergonomics sign here a flawless for the brand which is very appreciable.


It’s a pretty impressive feast on the back of the soundbar, starting with an HDMI ARC port, followed by USB-C, optical and auxiliary inputs to finish on Bluetooth. 5.0. It becomes difficult not to find a solution that will meet your expectations.

Note, for the Bluetoothonly one source can be used at a time and connection status information appears on the center helm dial. Pairing is easy provided you use a compatible device. Finally, the Creative software allows a extremely advanced configuration and gives the possibility of shaping the rendering of the sound bar according to your desires or habits.

In short, this Sound Blaster Katana V2 Pairs naturally with all of these consoles and peripherals: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and mobile devices (Android and iOS).


audio and microphone


Technically, La Katana V2 is equipped with:

  • Two 63 mm midrange speakers
  • Two 19mm Tweeters
  • One 165mm Subwoofer speaker
  • Overall power of 126 Watts.

One of the strengths of the Sound Blaster Katana V2 is its versatility. Although we were seduced by the restitution of the latter natively, it is still quite possible to adapt it to your liking through the Creative application. The latter, as complete as it is intuitive, will be the real pivot of configuration. Paired with the remote, it’s possible to switch EQs on the fly between game, movie and music or enjoy up to six different and configurable profiles.

Naturally, due to its size, its full potential is only noticeable if you are located really in front of the soundbar, especially for immersion. That said, even with a more timid spatialization, it retains an excellent rendering, impossible to blame in its price range.


In use and whatever the mode of application, the Sound Blaster Katana V2 made us enjoy pleasant moments by meeting our expectations, whether watching a movie or listening to music. The sound power is sufficient while it has a good range of progression. The separation between voices and music remains flexible so as not to give the impression of a hubbub. Without special expertise, the soundbar Katana V2 meets the expectations we may have of it.

If everything seems perfect, we must not forget its primary use, which is gaming. Although the soundbar fits easily into a TV/vanity/living room combo, the suit is more restrictive to be installed under a computer screen. The Sound Blaster Katana V2although compact, the rest is quite large, but above all inseparable from the subwoofer, otherwise it loses performance.



No, you’re not dreaming, the soundbar is beautiful and well equipped with a microphone. That said, let’s be honest, this integration is already akin to a gadget, it will only be useful to you as a backup solution or to answer a phone call if you can’t find your smartphone. The manufacturer shows, with this addition, its desire to meet the expectations of eclectic users who would use this bar for gaming as well as office automation.

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