Crédit Agricole and Orange are among the 4 most usurped companies on the planet! La Banque Postale and SFR in the top 20

Alexandre Boero

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February 19, 2024 at 8:02 a.m.


Crédit Agricole branch © Tupungato /

Crédit Agricole branch © Tupungato /

The cybersecurity specialist, Vade, has unveiled the ranking of the most usurped brands in the world, where we see Crédit Agricole climbing onto the podium. Orange and SFR are in a good position.

The ranking of the brands most misused by cybercriminals to trap you on the Internet does not really do credit to French companies, which are rather well represented there. In the top 20 revealed a few days ago by the Vade company, we find six French companies, including Crédit Agricole which climbs onto the podium and Orange which “fails” at the bottom of the latter. Banking establishments and telecom operators in the country are generally among the favorite targets of computer hackers who engage in phishing. Here is the gist of the ranking.

Crédit Agricole, among the global elite of usurped brands, with Facebook and Microsoft

At the top of the ranking is the social network Facebook, with 44,548 phishing URLs intercepted by Vade. Cybercriminals notably use fraudulent emails which may contain malicious links or attachments. Facebook spoofs account for 23% of the total phishing URLs identified by the cyber specialist.

Microsoft still remains one of the most spoofed brands in terms of phishing attempts, with 22,581 URLs. The American firm still concentrates a large number of phishing attacks, which aim to trap Internet and mobile users by imitating brands. Hackers also use the Microsoft 365 application environment a lot to make victims.

On the third step of the podium, we find a first French brand, with Crédit Agricole. The banking establishment, victim of a cyberattack at the beginning of February, is ahead of another large company in the country.

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Orange at the foot of the podium

It is therefore Orange which takes fourth place. The historic operator, which has 21 million mobile plan subscribers and 12.3 million Livebox subscribers in France alone, is ahead of the Japanese giant Softbank.

Four other French companies join the unflattering top 20 brands most used in the world for phishing. La Banque Postale arrives in 12th position. Orange’s competitor, the operator SFR, is 15thslightly ahead of OVHcloud, 17thand another banking establishment, Société Générale, 18th.

Note the strong presence of social networks in the ranking (Instagram at 10th place ; WhatsApp, 13thand further LinkedIn, 23th), while the giants Google and Netflix rank 11th and 19th.

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