Créteil: an indoor football match degenerates and ends in a general fight

An indoor football match organized between young people from Créteil (94) degenerated and ended in a general fight after scuffles at the end of the meeting.

A violent scene that shocked many residents who denounce a deleterious atmosphere and behavior far removed from the values ​​of sport. On social networks, images of the event that took place on Monday, May 9 have circulated thousands of times. We see the passage of a scooter, a general fight as well as mortar fire in the middle of the Louis-Issaurat gymnasium in Créteil.

These events took place within the framework of a meeting for the Regional 3 championship between the formations of Créteil Palais Futsal and VSG Futsal, located in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges and one of the rivals of the Cristolian formation.

An unacceptable situation for both teams

The kick-off of the meeting, scheduled for 8:30 p.m., was first delayed due to the arrival of a scooter on the pitch. The meeting finally took place 1h30 late and with an accumulation of tensions within the gymnasium, according to information from the Parisian. It was finally at the final whistle that the situation ended up degenerating. The two teams subsequently communicated on the seriousness of the events.

On the night of Thursday May 13 to Friday May 14, six people were arrested in Créteil.

The latter, suspected of being involved in the incidents, carried knives and truncheons. According to information provided by the Créteil prosecutor’s office, the investigation was entrusted to the Territorial Security.

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