Crews of two seized Greek tankers are on board, says Thran

DUBAI, May 28 (Reuters) – Iranian maritime authorities said on Saturday that the crew members of the two Greek oil tankers seized the day before by Revolutionary Guards had not been arrested and were in good health on board their vessels. ships.

Iranian forces seized the two vessels in the Persian Gulf on Friday, shortly after Thran warned of “punitive measures” against Athens after the United States confiscated Iranian oil from a boarded ship off the coast of Greece.

“The crew of the two Greek tankers has not been arrested, and all the crew members (…) are in good health, they are protected and benefit from the necessary services on board, in accordance with international law”, perhaps read in a statement from the Iranian Maritime and Port Organization released by state media.

Both vessels were seized due to unspecified “maritime violations”, the agency said.

Greece reported on Friday that an Iranian navy helicopter landed on the Greek-flagged ship Delta Poseidon in international waters and took the crew hostage. Also according to Athens, a similar incident occurred on board another ship, whose name has not been revealed, flying the Greek flag located near the Iranian coast. According to Greece, both actions violate international law.

Last month, Greek authorities seized the Iranian-flagged Pegas off the coast of Greece due to European Union sanctions. The United States then confiscated the cargo of Iranian oil held on board, Reuters reported.

The Pegas and her Russian crew were later freed, but the incident has ratcheted up tensions as Iran and world powers seek to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. (Duba desk report; French version Elizabeth Pineau)

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