Crime scene: This is the first new thriller of the anniversary season

With this new film, the first starts on September 6th in the "Tatort" anniversary season.

At the moment, viewers can still choose the crime program on Sunday and choose their desired "crime scene" repetition. But now the first new thriller is finally set. "The first 'crime scene' after the summer break is from Vienna and has the title 'Pumps'," confirms the program director of the first on Tuesday at the request of the spot on news news agency. The Vienna case with investigators Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) and Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) will be broadcast on September 6 from 8:15 p.m.

What is the "crime scene: pumps" about?

The Austrian actor Harald Krassnitzer (59) says so much about his 47th case according to ORF: "The latest case is particularly complex, very condensed, we have different traces. It is about doping, banned substances, social fraud, revenge and murder – The case has many aspects. We dive into very different biotopes from which, surprisingly, new stories continue to develop, which become a bigger story. "

The anniversary season

As program highlights for the 50th anniversary of the crime series, the broadcaster will be showing the specially shot crossover episodes "Tatort: ​​im Familie" in late autumn 2020. The specific broadcast date has not yet been fixed. Just so much: "In late autumn, the Munich and Dortmund teams will jointly investigate for the first time on two consecutive Sundays," said the mid-July report.

The "Tatort: ​​Willkommen in Hamburg" (2013) is currently ahead of the wish "crime scene" voting for the coming Sunday (August 2nd) – the opening thriller for investigators Tschiller (Til Schweiger) and Gummer (Fahri Yardim).