Cristiano Ronaldo: He is said to have fallen for a cheater

Cristiano Ronaldo
He is said to have fallen for the cheater

Cristiano Ronaldo has been under contract with Manchester United for the second time in his career since the end of August 2021.

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Cristiano Ronaldo apparently caught a fraudster. A travel agent is said to have cheated him out of money for three years.

Cristiano Ronaldo (36) is said to have been ripped off. The football pro became lin the Portuguese newspaper “Jornal de noticias” ripped off by a travel agent. Even more soccer players like Nani (34) and Manuel Fernandes (35) are said to be affected by the rip-off. The 53-year-old woman from Vila Nova de Gaia has apparently booked trips for three years with the players’ credit card data, which they have never taken.

Ronaldo is said to have lost 288,000 euros between 2007 and 2010, which corresponds to around 200 trips. As early as 2017, the mediator is said to have been sentenced to four years in prison by a court in Porto. According to the “Jornal de noticias”, she has to repay the money to her employer, and the travel agency reimburses those affected.


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