Cristiano Ronaldo: The tanks of his luxury cars remain empty

Cristiano Ronaldo
The tanks of his luxury cars remain empty

Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing for Manchester United again since the end of August 2021.

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Gasoline is scarce in the UK. Star kicker Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the suffering drivers without fuel.

The UK is plagued by a persistent petrol shortage. The people who waited for hours in front of a gas pump in the hope of a tank filling also include a driver and a bodyguard for football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (36). Its Bentley, which is around 250,000 euros more expensive, as well as another luxury car remain “fuel-efficient” for the time being. as the British tabloid “The Sun” observed.

Ronaldo’s employees waited almost seven hours – in vain

The report said the Manchester United star’s employees stayed in the rain for no less than six hours and 40 minutes in the town of Wilmslow (Cheshire) on Wednesday (September 29). In the end, they were disappointed with the assumption that no more gasoline truck would provide a new delivery. Ronaldo had hired her to refuel his Range Rover as well as his Bentley.

The 36-year-old, who rented a seven-bedroom villa nearby, was not there himself. An observer told the “Sun”: “Despite all his money, Ronaldo is in the same boat as us … (He) will probably be stuck at home like everyone else if this continues.”

Shell limited purchase of fuel to £ 30 value per customer

Even if the Portuguese-born employees had had better luck at the gas pump, the tanks of Ronaldo’s luxury cars would not have been full. Because the petrol station giant Shell recently introduced a limit on the purchase of fuel, which is 30 pounds (the equivalent of around 35 euros). So hamster purchases by motorists should be stopped.

Cristiano Ronaldo has only been playing again for his old club Manchester United in England this summer. He was previously under contract with the Italian club Juventus Turin.


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