Cristiano Ronaldo: With this gesture, he moves a young girl to tears

Cristiano Ronaldo
Moving! With this gesture he moves a young girl to tears

Cristiano Ronaldo gives his biggest fan a magical moment.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has a heart for children, as he demonstrated again after the World Cup qualifier in Ireland.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, things didn’t go smoothly on November 11, 2021. In the World Cup qualifier against Ireland, the soccer star wasted some chances, Portugal had to be satisfied with a 0-0. A bitter disappointment for Ronaldo – had it not been for a young girl, which caused a big surprise after the final whistle.

Cristiano Ronaldo: This fan moment triggers cheers

Addison Whelan, 13, managed to smuggle his way past several security guards and run towards Ronaldo. He made it clear to excited stewards that he had no problem with the “runabout” and gave the girl a warm hug. But it got even better: After the deep embrace, the 36-year-old took off his jersey and ceremoniously handed it over to his little fan. While the audience cheered, the 13-year-old broke into tears, visibly moved.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes off his jersey for Addison Whelan.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes off his jersey for Addison Whelan.

© Tim Clayton / Corbis / Getty Images

“I jumped over the barrier because I was in the second row. Then I sprinted onto the field, but security people were running behind me and two more came from the other corner, so I just sprinted on,” reveals Addison Whelan One day later on RTE Radio 1’s “Morning Ireland” show. “When I saw the other two coming from the other corner, I ran more towards the center line to avoid them, but then they caught up with me. Then I just called Ronaldo’s name. He turned around, saw me and told them “You should leave me alone,” continues the proud 13-year-old.

“Can I have your jersey?”

“Then I called him to me. He came over to me. I was in shock and cried and said, ‘Can I have your jersey? Please, please. I’m a big, big fan,'” Whelan says about the magical one Moment. “When my dad saw him take off his jersey, his face was just shocked. I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is it, this is my dream, it is finally coming true’. That was probably the last time that he played in Ireland. ” A moment that the young soccer player will remember forever.

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