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Followed by 1.1 million followers on Instagram, the show’s star host The queens of shopping on M6, don’t hesitate to give style lessons to all his fans. Yesterday, she unveiled her tips for being ultra-stylish in a suit and chunky sneakers. A few days earlier, she gave her tips for wearing the leopard print brilliantly or for achieving a chic casual look. And as much to say, that his followers follow all his recommendations to the letter. Very active on the Web, the image consultant also emerges from photos from her young years as a model. When she doesn't reveal herself as unrecognizable as Pocahontas, she's showing off terribly sexy in a photo from the 1980s… And then again, she's garnering a flood of kind comments.

Sexy Cristina Cordula in an ultra-trendy leather dress

But Cristina Cordula is also making the buzz by posting original looks or even completely offbeat. And the fashionista is not afraid of anything. When she's not flaunting herself as a diamond-cruncher, she's all the rage by mixing a trendy overshirt, safari pants and stiletto heels. She had even put on lots of eyes in a leopard jacket and big white boots. Today, the Franco-Brazilian is putting on a coat with a new outfit that does not leave its fans indifferent. This time, the beautiful brunette has opted for the ultra-trendy leather dress with puffed sleeves. But again, these are mostly its accessories that make all the difference. Maxi studded boots, belt with golden applique and large square earrings … Its silhouette is thought out down to the smallest detail. And her fans love it : "I love your dress", "Your outfit is sublime", "Your look is hot"… One thing is certain, the image consultant inspires us! So, ready to copy her look?

>>> See Cristina Cordula in leather and trendy accessories

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