Cristina Cordula posts a photo of herself and creates controversy: Current Woman The MAG

Cristina Cordula loves to share her daily life on Instagram. The famous fashionista posts pictures of her outings, her looks, her yoga sessions, her son Enzo … and her subscribers are usually delighted to be able to enter into private time for a photo. But some were very disappointed with his last post, on which Cristina is promoting a credit card with a smile on her face. "A shame" for many internet users who were shocked to discover that the host of Shopping queens had accepted a such partnership with a bank. This universe so far removed from beauty and fashion did not make them dream at all …

"Oh no Cristina"

"Oh no Cristina my darling, you have no right to advertise a card. Tell us about clothes !!! And makeovers !!!!", "Too bad you're becoming a bit like all those influencers. I I expect other things from you other than doing ads like these ", "Really disappointed with this ad that does not match your image ", annoyed his subscribers in comments.

A radical choice

Very upset, many of them made a drastic decision: to unsubscribe from the Six star's account. "This is too much! I withdraw from the Instagram account ", one of them launched. Luckily, the most stylish Brazilian woman still has a million followers. Not sure she notices the absence of these few detractors …

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