Cristina Cordula reveals her favorite lipstick colors for a rejuvenating effect

In an interview, the TV host reveals her best rejuvenating tips for applying makeup to your lips after 50. Discover Cristina Cordula’s makeup tips.

TV host of several makeover and coaching shows, former model and image expert, Cristina Cordula is also the head of her own cosmetics brand Magnifaïk. A new hat that allows him to develop beauty products in his image. We find different references for the complexion, an eyeshadow palette, a mascara, but also a whole new “Beijo” lipstick available in six shades.

For this launch, we asked Cristina Cordula to reveal her best tips for applying makeup to your lips. “Memerizing” colors, mistakes not to make, tips for properly applying color, the host also reveals her favorite shades for an “anti-aging” effect and good looks.

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Cristina Cordula’s favorite lipstick colors

I like fresh colors in peach and pink tones” explains the host. Shades with warm undertones, ideal for awakening the radiance of the complexion and giving you a healthy glow. When it comes to texture, Cristina Cordula tells us she prefers moisturizing formulas “more pleasant” to wear. This is why she chose to create, with her brand Magnifaïk, real care lipsticks, enriched with acai oil and mango butter.

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Cristina Cordula also likes to wear slightly brighter lipstick colors, especially in spring-summer: “the peach color and coral red color give a good look”. Shades that she often combines with slightly lighter eye makeup and an ultra-luminous complexion. The host is also a big fan of nude tones, which she wears with a slightly glossy finish to create a plumping effect.

Lip makeup after 50: these mistakes to avoid

I never wear black or dark burgundy” tells us Cristina Cordula who finds that very dark lipsticks tend to harden and tire the face. Dark colors can also make the mouth appear thinner and give it a “pursed” look. To be avoided after the age of 50… The expert also advises not to skip the step of preparing the lips: exfoliation, hydration, but also drawing the contours with a pencil: “It is essential to make a slight outline same color as lipstick”.

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A tip that helps prolong the wear of the lipstick and prevents the material from slipping into fine lines during the day. When applied correctly, the lip contour pencil can also give a slight plumping effect to the mouth, or camouflage a small asymmetry. Choose it the same color as your lipstick, or one to two shades darker if you want to create an ombré effect. In this case, take care to blend the material towards the inside of the lips with a small brush, to avoid color lines.

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