Cristina Cordula, this anti-aging tip she can’t live without


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The host of the show Les Reines du shopping launched her cosmetics brand Magnifaïk last year. Discover the anti-aging beauty tip that Cristina Cordula cannot do without.

A true fashion and beauty icon for several years now, Cristina Cordula continues to inspire us. On her social networks, the facilitator does not hesitate to share her best advice and she also recently posted a short video to remind you of the importance of using a sunscreen.

Cristina Cordula is passionate about beauty, which is why she is launching her own clean makeup brand in 2021: Magnifaïk. A range of products including a complexion enhancer, a concealer and a bronzer & highlighter duo for a perfect complexion. The ex-model repeated it to us over and over again during her coaching on the show. Shopping Queens : Beauty makes all the difference. So, we follow the valuable advice and expertise of Cristina Cordula and we discover her ultimate anti-aging tip without further delay!

Cristina Cordula: her anti-aging beauty tip

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It is obvious that the sun presents many dangers for the skin, between sunburn, pigment spots, skin aging or skin diseases… This is why it is essential to protect yourself well, summer and winter alike. To give us this very important little reminder, Cristina Cordula posted a short video on her Instagram where she reminds us of the good things to do to protect her skin from skin aging: “No matter the summer or winter season, wearing sun protection adapted to your skin is essential. It helps prevent burns or even slow down the aging of the skin.”

The application of sunscreen is essential on areas exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and for all skin types, the key is to choose the product according to its phototype. It’s very simple, you can classify your skin type according to its reaction to the sun. Light skin is phototype 1 and 2. Skin that tans while taking a few sunburns is phototype 3 and dark skin is phototype 4. As you will have understood, the more your skin is sensitive to the sun, the better the protection must be high. We therefore recommend an SPF 50 for phototypes 1, 2 and 3 and a lower protection with an SPF 30 for dark skin of phototype 4.

3 products to protect yourself from the sun

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