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The Star Academy 2023 candidates performed on Saturday November 25 as a bonus. On the occasion of this fourth show, several performances were noted, some of them leading to mixed opinions. That of one candidate, in particular, did not receive only praise.

Saturday, November 25, fourth Star Academy 2023 bonus was held on TF1. From the beautiful gesture of Vitaa to the unexpected appearance of Florent Pagny, many surprises punctuated the show presented again this year by Nikos Aliagas. Talents also seem to have blossomed. The services of Julien and Clara particularly seem to have seduced the public, so much so that they were drafted against the other nominated duo, composed of Héléna, saved by her comrades, and Mari-Maud, who had to say goodbye to the castle. Among the notable performances, that of Candice caused a lot of reaction, but not necessarily in a positive way. The Parisian native, passionate about couture and Rihanna, was offered a song and dance painting alongside Pierre, a friend to whom she is very close. On the scene, the two friends took up the challenge by tackling You’re the One That I Wantfamous song by Grease. If a certain complicity and real energy undeniably emerged from this moment, Internet users pointed out several faults on X (Twitter).

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Internet users about Candice (“Star Academy”): “The singing is too fishy”

Difficult to go after John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John? “I wanted to get there so much, I wanted to shock them so much and I think I didn’t shock them at all. In addition, it was Grease ! » lamented Candice after her performance on Saturday, November 25. On X, Internet users corroborated, deploring a failed performance and, according to some, a lack of skills, or a technical problem. “Clearly, she doesn’t have the level of the others, poor thing…”, “Yes… It was very meh… The energy was there, but as is often the case in these paintings, the singing is too weak… The sound engineer clearly didn’t help you. What’s going on with the sound? You don’t have anyone competent enough or the right equipment? », “We especially noticed your hairstyle and make-up, but the rest was a disaster, the second part of the prime was better when your microphone was working”, “She sings Disney, but apart from that, nothing, unfortunately”, “If she wants so much to succeed, she doesn’t have the job! She has a pretty face, she moves well on stage, but that’s not everything. » Conversely, some Internet users were still enthusiastic: “It was great his painting Grease, I find myself », we also read on the social network. All tastes are in nature.

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