Criticism of Degen grows – “Short-circuit reaction with announcement”: Framework dismissal irritates – Sport


The dismissal of FCB coach Patrick Framework is moving football in Switzerland. The timing is particularly surprising.

The coaching benches in the Super League are once again becoming ejection seats. After 22 rounds played, half of all teams have already changed coaches. The layoffs in Lugano, Sion, Lucerne and Lausanne were hardly able to tear a fan from his seat. It was too foreseeable that there would be a departure due to insufficient sporting performance.

If FCB coach Patrick Framework had been fired at the end of December, it would have found a place in the “expectable” category. The current point in time, 4 games after the start of the second half of the season and after the contract had recently been extended to 2023, not only caught fans but also those who knew the club wrong.


Will go their separate ways in the future

Patrick Frame and David Degen.


“Constant dissatisfaction and impatience”

The separation is according to Basel Country Newspaper but only surprising at first glance: the dismissal of frames is to be understood as a “short-circuit reaction with an announcement”. The differences between majority shareholder David Degen and the sacked coach had already become apparent during the “theater around the turn of the year”.

The “constant dissatisfaction and impatience of Degen” could keep FC Basel busy for longer. The 39-year-old club owner has to save and still has title ambitions. “A project that is noble, but hardly achievable,” judges the paper.

Comparison with Constantine

For the Basler newspaper the contract extension in December was already a mistake. Publicly counting the trainer and negotiating with possible successors (eg Alfred Schreuder) could be done, but only if the trainer was then changed. The fact that the cooperation could still work out “after all the differences and injuries was a utopian wishful thinking.”

The decision was also met with incomprehension among fans and former club greats. Club icon Erni Maissen’s criticism of Degen’s leadership style TeleBasel culminated in an unflattering comparison. “He’s a little Constantin from before,” Maissen refers to the Sion President. With one difference: Constantin has improved.

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