Criticism of fake news from Minsk: Seehofer: “We do not accept migrants”

Criticism of fake news from Minsk
Seehofer: “We do not accept migrants”

After Merkel had two phone calls to the Belarusian dictator, Warsaw was angry. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer makes it clear that the Chancellor has not promised any entry of migrants from the border area. And he praised the tough stance of the Polish government.

Germany will not accept any refugees stuck on the Belarusian border with the EU. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer made this clear during a visit to Warsaw. Reports that the federal government is ready to bring people to Germany are “false reports” with which “pressure” should be exerted and “mood” created. “We will see that more often in the near future,” said the CSU politician.

The Belarusian President-Spokeswoman Natalja Eismont had said that Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to negotiate with the EU on the creation of a “humanitarian corridor to Germany” for 2,000 migrants on the border with Poland. Merkel had called the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko again on Wednesday about the refugee crisis.

For weeks, thousands of refugees from the Middle East, including many Kurds from northern Iraq, have been stuck in icy temperatures on the EU’s external border with Belarus, especially on the border with Poland. The EU accuses Lukashenko of deliberately smuggling the refugees to the border. Poland has gathered more than 15,000 security guards at the heavily secured border.

Thanks to Poland: “Acting in the service of the EU”

Germany is ready to contribute to the humanitarian care of the refugees on the Belarusian side, said Seehofer. “What we won’t do, that we take in refugees, that we give in to the pressure.” The ultimate goal of all humanitarian aid is to bring people back to their countries of origin.

The Interior Minister expressed “solidarity” and “thanks” to neighboring Poland: “What Poland is doing in this crisis is right and legitimate.” By sealing off the border, the Poles are “not only pursuing their own interests, they are also acting in the service of the entire European Union”. Seehofer’s Polish colleague Mariusz Kaminski affirmed that nothing would change in the course of his government. “There will be no way for cynical illegal migration here.”

Human rights organizations, on the other hand, accuse the right-wing nationalist government in Poland of inhuman and sometimes brutal treatment of refugees at the border. From Polish territory, migrants are repeatedly sent back to Belarus, where they are stuck in a strip between Polish and Belarusian security forces without shelter and humanitarian aid.

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