Criticism of the judiciary – Saber victim: “And that shouldn’t be a crime?”

“I feel ripped off,” says Janez Diethart. The neighbor attacked him with a saber, he says. Despite the cuts, the judiciary in Salzburg stopped the investigation. Now the Pongauer wants to take action against it.

A man stormed Janez Diethart’s (49) apartment in Bischofshofen with a sword in his hand because the attacker thought he heard his girlfriend’s voice from the neighbor. A fatal and alcohol-related mix-up that triggered a police operation on August 9th. “It all happened quickly.” “My son had opened the door. “The guy went through the apartment with a saber and was swinging it around,” says the mechanic, describing the evening. “Everything happened quickly. I immediately told him he had to get out. But he continued to swing the saber. Then I went after him. There was a scuffle in the stairwell.” The police came – Diethart tells of bruises on his back and shows cuts he suffered on his arm and knee. His girlfriend also got a real shock. “That’s why she doesn’t want to come into the apartment anymore.” Pongauer now wants to fight for justice. He doesn’t know the saber perpetrator himself, says the 49-year-old: “I’ve lived here for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve seen him.” Attackers should now get away with no consequences. The public prosecutor’s office has stopped the investigation. “Someone shows up in my apartment in the middle of the night with a saber, swinging it around, and that shouldn’t be a crime?” The public prosecutor confirms: “Everything has been examined, including negligent bodily harm.” The witness did not say anything specifically The fact that the attacker wanted to stab him indicates a lack of intent: “We couldn’t determine where the cuts came from.” It’s not enough for an indictment, they say. “I only told the truth,” emphasizes Diethart. He is now announcing an application for reopening.
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