Criticism of the US government: Macron fears a division in the West

criticism of the US government
Macron fears a split in the West

French President Macron is visiting the United States. Shortly before his meeting with President Biden, he criticized the US government’s subsidy policy, which would disadvantage other states, especially in the energy sector. There is a risk of fragmentation. It’s time to find common rhythm again.

During a visit to the United States, France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron warned of a split in Western forces in view of the US government’s recent economic decisions. “The decisions made (…) are decisions that will fragment the West,” said Macron at the French embassy in Washington.

With a view to the “Inflation Reduction Act”, for example, Macron warned that there would be such great differences that numerous companies would no longer invest in Europe. With the law, the government of US President Joe Biden wants to boost its industry and give it preference over foreign competitors. Subsidies and tax credits are linked to companies using US products or producing them themselves in the US.

Macron: Strengthen coordination between the US and Europe

“What has happened in the last few months is a challenge for us,” Macron said, “because we are starting to diverge on energy issues and the costs of the war in Europe and the US are not the same.” The French President warned that coordination is needed. One’s own agenda must be brought back into line with the plans of the USA. He wants to persuade Europe to move faster and then work with the US to avoid economic hostility. It is necessary to really work hand in hand, he warned.

Macron is currently on a state visit to the United States. Biden wants to receive him at the White House this Thursday.

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