Cro: The riddle about the new mask is finally revealed


Cro has presented his new mask in his new single "Fall auf" – a mixture of Master Yoda and the orcs from "Lord of the Rings".

For almost two weeks, Cro (30, "Easy") kept his fans in suspense. In a short video clip the musician buried his trademark, a panda mask. The result was a lot of guesswork: Will the rapper take off the mask completely? Or would he just present a newly designed one? With the release of his new single "Fall auf" the secret was finally revealed. The panda mask is a thing of the past; the new face cover is a mixture of the "Star Wars" character Master Yoda and the orcs from "Lord of the Rings".

That's what the song is about

According to the press release from Cros Label Universal Music, "Fall auf" is an invitation not to give up: "Fall down, get up, try again." "I've felt different all my life and have never fitted in anywhere – whether at school or at work," explains Cro. But he always remained himself, which in retrospect would have paid off, so the musician, whose real name is Carlo Waibel.

"It may be that some people don't like you anymore, but others will love you for who you are. I have noticed that in the eternal struggle for recognition you pretend too often and do things that you never actually do 'Fall auf' is an invitation to be yourself, to stay that way and to love yourself for that, "says Cro.

The fans are divided

Cros fans received the new mask with mixed feelings. "Sorry but the mask is really not clear," writes a user on Instagram, for example. Another thinks: "Panda was so much nicer." On YouTube, a user wrote in the comments: "I'm absolutely confused, it's awesome but also so surprising."

The song itself, on the other hand, is consistently positive: "Already the best song in 2020", attested a user on Instagram. "A catchy tune of the year, the album can only be good," writes another on YouTube.