Croquine Pokémon GO: exclusive attack, shiny hunting… Our guide to this Community Day

News tip Croquine Pokémon GO: exclusive attack, shiny hunting… Our guide to this Community Day

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During Community Day in May, Croquine and his family will be highlighted in Pokémon GO. Candine and Sucreine will therefore appear alongside it, and all will be available in their chromatic versions. Benefit from a bunch of bonuses for catching this Pokémon, and take the opportunity to evolve it and teach it an exclusive attack!


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Sunday May 19, 2024 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (local time)Pokémon GO players will not only be able to encounter Croquinethe type Pokémon Plant of the seventh generation, but also the other members of his family, Candin And Sucreine. All will be available under their chromatic form for the first time in the game Niantic :

As part of the event, you will be able to access the Special Study “Croquine Community Day” for the price of €1. This Special Study will not include a medal and tickets are non-refundable, but please note that you can donate tickets to your friendsprovided that it is Great Friends or more. To do this, simply go to the Shop and select the event that interests you. Then press the Gift button and select the person to give the ticket to. You will not be able to offer a ticket to someone who already has one, and donations are limited to 20 paid tickets per day.

A Field study will also be available during the event. It will allow you to receive Super Ballsof the Star dustand even additional meetings with Croquine.

Summary of the Pokémon GO walkthrough

THE Community Day of May 2024 offers many bonuses for all players! For example, the Incense (except Daily Adventure Incense) and Lure Modules activated during the event will last 3 hours instead of the usual 30 minutes. Capture Candies will be multiplied by 2, Egg Hatching distance divided by 4, and trainers level 31 and above will have twice the chance of receiving XL Candies from catching Pokémon!

Trainers will also have access to 1 additional special exchange until 5 hours after the end of the event, bringing the total to 2 special exchanges for the day of May 19, 2024. In addition, exchanges carried out during this period will require half as much Stardust. Additionally, if you spin PokéStops and open gifts during this day, you will be able to obtain exclusive stickers, which you can also find in Shop. And as always, up to 5 Croquine await those who take a few photos during this Community Day!


Of the Unique Four-Star Raid Battles will also be available after the end of the event, i.e. from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (local time). During these raids, you will have the opportunity to measure yourself against Candin. Each victory in one of these Raids will spawn additional Croquine within a radius of 300 meters around the relevant Arenaand this for a period of 30 minutes ! With a little luck, you might come across this chromatic form. Please note that these Raids will only be accessible with Raid Passes and Premium battle passes.

During the Community Day Croquine of Pokémon GO, you will have the opportunity to capture Croquine and evolve it into Candine then into Sucreineand thus obtain a exclusive attack ! Note that to upgrade your Croquine in Candinyou will have to give him 25 Candies. And if you want to transform Candin in Sucreineyou will need 100 Candies.

Croquine Pokémon GO: exclusive attack, shiny hunting... Our guide to this Community DayCroquine Pokémon GO: exclusive attack, shiny hunting... Our guide to this Community DayDevelop Candin (the evolution of Croquine) in Sucreine during the event or up to five hours after it ends will allow you to obtain the Charged Attack Foot Aerobaticswhich can significantly lower the launcher’s Defense.
  • Trainer Battles: 110
  • Arena and Raids: 90

And above all, don’t forget to take a look at the PokéStops ! Rotate the PhotoDiscs of the PokéStops and open Gifts will allow you to get your hands on Stickers on the theme of Croquinewhich you can also find in the Shop. Also note that Event prizes will be available on the Pokémon GO Online Store during the event.

You know what you have to do… Grab your Poké Balls, get ready, throw!

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