Crossbody bag: the trendy bag goes with every look

They look cool and are perfect companions in our (often) stressful everyday life: crossbody bags. In 2021 they will be trendy again. We’ll show you which styles we like best with the bags.

Crossbody bags are practical and stylish at the same time. It’s not for nothing that the bag is considered the bag trend for 2021. We’d be happy to tell you why we love them and how we prefer to combine them.

Crossbody bag: the bag trend for 2021

The very best news right at the beginning: You can combine a simple crossbody bag with anything. As a break in style with a chic summer dress, to underline your casualness with jeans or shorts and sneakers – anything goes. If you like it less simple, you can really show off with the matching crossbody bag and ensure a great eye-catcher.

But whether as a highlight, a break in style or an inconspicuous companion – as a trend item, crossbody bags always have one thing in common: They are incredibly practical. Thanks to the long strap and the ability to carry the crossbody bag (in English: shoulder bag), you always have your hands free for other things, such as strollers, coffee-to-go mugs, shopping bags …

In terms of size, that gives you Crossbody bag also a great deal of freedom: from the dimensions of a handbag to those of a shopper, everything is possible. This makes it a perfect everyday companion, with which you don’t have to do without the trend aspect. Crossbody bag Liebeskind API Amazon

We love these crossbody bags

Classic in handbag format

Do you like to use the motto “less is more” when it comes to the contents of your bag? Then you probably prefer small handbags rather than large shoppers in everyday life in order to have the essentials with you. With a crossbody bag the size of a handbag, you have your seven things stowed away compactly and always close at hand. Whether noble variants in black (fake) leather, in natural tones or bright red as a highlight of the outfit – all tastes are served. Crossbody bag s.Oliver API Amazon

Crossbody bags made from natural materials

Bags made from natural materials such as wicker, raffia or straw will continue to be a huge trend in summer 2021. Also (fake)Leather bags in braided look are up to date. No wonder that the combination with the crossbody bag trend is ideally suited to always have your belongings with you on a stroll through town, on the way to work or during a walk. Crossbody bags made of wicker and co. Round off playful, summery looks. They are especially ideal with summer dresses with floral patterns.

Pastel shades for an additional trend factor

No matter what – if you wear pastel shades this summer, you will always be properly dressed. Because pastel tones are once again trendy. With a crossbody bag in a delicate pastel shade, you’re twice right. Apricot, mint, light blue, rosé or pistachio … – just pick your favorite color or combine the tones as you like. You are also completely free to decide whether you want to go for a monochrome look in pastel or just choose individual it pieces in soft colors. The trend factor is definitely on your side.

Sporty models for the street look

Actually it is Fanny pack not a classic crossbody bag in the traditional sense. But it was not just since spring / summer 2021 that it was converted into a crossbody bag much more often than it was worn around the waist. Why not? Colorful designs, cool materials and the new positioning make the long frowned upon belt bag a must-have for fashionistas. In addition, they give every outfit a cool touch and simple looks that certain extra in style. Eastpak API Amazon belt bag

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