Crown Princess Mary: First official visit to Australia in ten years

Crown Princess Mary
First official visit to Australia in ten years

Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

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Mary of Denmark will return to her native Australia in two weeks for her first official visit in ten years.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (51) will visit Australia in two weeks, making her first official trip to her home country in ten years. Her climate-focused journey begins on April 23 in Vanuatu, where she will meet those responsible for rebuilding the island, which has been hit by two hurricanes and two earthquakes.

She will then travel to Fiji with the Danish climate minister as the country struggles with the consequences of global climate change. On April 28, the wife of the Danish heir to the throne, Frederik (54), who was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, will return to her home country. There she will meet with Danish representatives involved in Australia’s ‘green transition’ and visit several Danish-led projects in the field of sustainability.

The trip was on Friday on the official Instagram account announced by the Danish royal family. However, Princess Mary’s visit Down Under will be brief as she attends the coronation of King Charles III in London on May 6th. will attend.

Most recently privately at Christmas in Australia

Most recently, the Crown Princess was in Australia for Christmas last year, but not in an official capacity. Together with her husband Frederik and their four children Christian (17), Isabella (15) and the twins Vincent and Josephine (11), she visited her family in her hometown.

However, as it was a private trip and there were no public appointments, her trip at the end of the month will be her first official visit since 2013. This took place in October when she was visiting the Sydney Opera House to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Move to Denmark before marriage

Mary has been living in Denmark since shortly before her marriage to the Danish heir to the throne. The couple met during the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia.


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