Cruise: epidemics, viruses, bacteria – cruise ships are that clean

Large ships are an Eldorado for the spread of viruses. Again and again you can hear about norovirus outbreaks on cruises. Most recently, cruise ships in Asia and Europe were quarantined by passengers because the new corona virus was found in passengers. The "Diamond Princess" with hundreds of tourists, for example, who had been quarantined for two weeks in the port of Yokohama near the Japanese capital Tokyo, was isolated for days.

A former employee of a cruise line has now explained what it looks like with hygiene measures on cruise ships. "I worked on a ship for two summers and could answer a lot of questions, but the cleaning standards are very high," the former cruise operator said, according to the British "Express".

High hygiene standards apply to cruises

The ex-employee also gave a glimpse behind the scenes of the cruise industry. There are organizations that would check cruise ships for hygiene standards. If the shipping companies do not comply with the cleanliness on board, ships are not likely to leave, the former employee reports.

The cruise line Aida says, for example: "Consistent compliance with all external and own standards is a guarantee for the safety of our guests and crew and an expression of our sustainable actions." Compliance with various standards is regularly checked by internal and external controls, according to the Aida website.

Shipping companies commit to cleanliness – viruses are still possible

In addition, cruise lines such as Aida are committed to the United States Public Health Service (U.S.P.H.S.). This was founded in 1798 and is an agency of the United States Department of Health. The U.S.P.H.S. sets the highest hygiene standards worldwide. These apply to ships that carry more than 13 passengers, have an international shipping area and call at a US port.

The former employee worked in the children's area of ​​a ship, where there were special cleanings in this area at the end of a cruise. "Toys are cleaned with steam, toys with small holes are cleaned by hand, toys with many cracks are cleaned with cotton swabs," said the employee.

However, all of these measures do not rule out the spread of viruses. This is shown by cases of norovirus outbreaks and the currently rampant corona virus. Read here how you can protect yourself against the corona virus.

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