Cruise: Numerous ships still wander around and are not allowed to moor


"We will under no circumstances allow passengers and the crew to enter the streets of our state," said Prime Minister Mark McGowan of Western Australia.

The ships include the "Magnifica" and the "Artania", which persevere off Fremantle in Western Australia. The ship "Vasco de Gama" is currently traveling there.


Three cruise ships are desperately waiting on Australia's west coast

The "Magnifica" with around 1700 passengers on board had left Fremantle on Tuesday after being allowed to refuel, but had to turn around after Dubai prohibited a mooring. Some of the more than 800 passengers on board the "Artania" were tested for coronavirus infection after 25 people complained of respiratory diseases.

McGowan pointed to a coronavirus "disaster" in Australia after a cruise ship moored in Sydney last week and released passengers. Afterwards, around 133 cases of infection and one fatality were reported. "We saw what happened in Sydney Harbor, it was a complete disaster," said McGowan.

In Western Australia, a quarter of coronavirus cases are linked to the arrival of cruise passengers. Almost 2400 cases and eight deaths are currently reported across Australia.

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Cruise ships also endure off the Pacific coast of South America

Also off the Pacific coast of South America, more than 1,800 people on board the cruise ship "Zaandam" are desperately hoping to be able to disembark. 42 of them have flu-like symptoms and are quarantined on board. An Australian passenger reported on Facebook that another ship had been thrown at stones when it was docked in Punta Arenas in southern Chile.

According to Chilean information, eight Chileans of the "Zaandam" and two Frenchmen have been allowed to disembark in Chile for humanitarian reasons. All others must remain in their cabins as a precaution. The ship now intends to head for its destination port of Fort Lauderdale in the US state of Florida, but hopes to get a pass permit for the Panama Canal at all.

Cruise ship "Diamond Princess": 712 people infected with coronavirus, 10 died

Meanwhile, the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", on which the coronavirus had spread particularly, has left the Japanese port of Yokohama. Disinfection has been completed, a local official from the AFP news agency said on Wednesday. He didn't say where the ship was heading and how many crew members are still on board.

The "Diamond Princess" hit the headlines in February after 712 people on board were infected with the corona virus and ten people died. At times, most infections outside of China were registered there. The ship was in Yokohama for two months – Japan was partly sharply criticized for the insufficient quarantine measures.