Crusader Kings III comes to crusade on consoles and reveals a date

As surprising as it may seem, Paradox Interactive’s excellent Wargame, Crusader Kings III, will also be released on home consoles. This is what to remember.

Wargaming is a genre that thrives particularly on the PC, and has always done so. Our almost. But for the past few years, Paradox Interactive has wanted to introduce console players to the joys of the genre. For this, you obviously need a large dose of optimization to make everything pleasant with the controller in hand. Crusader Kings III should therefore undergo some metamorphoses to adapt.

The crusade is exported

To achieve its ends, Paradox Interactive called on the Lab42 studio to take care of the porting. We learn in particular that in addition to the controller, the game will also adapt to large screens (television therefore). DualSense haptic feedback will also be included, and loading times will also be optimized to better meet the expectations of home console players. The developers of Crusader Kings III therefore seem to have thought of everything.

The console game will arrive on March 29, 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series. Finally, remember that Royal Court, which is the title’s first major expansion, will land on PC on February 8. It is not yet known whether the DLC will be directly available on console or not when it is released.

Crusader Kings III: Quesaco?

Crusader Kings III is a wargame, also sometimes called a Grand Strategy. You have at your disposal a map of the world in the Middle Ages and you must at the start of the game select a county, duchy or kingdom to prosper from time A to time B. The goal is also to make your dynasty prosper.

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