Crypto Blockchain Industries provides update on the listing of the $FAV token


Photo credit © NissierPictures

( — Crypto Blockchain IndustriesSA presents the key elements concerning the listing of the $FAV token since its launch on September 26, 2023. The $FAV token is today listed on two major platforms: a centralized platform, Chiliz Exchange, with two trading pairs available ( against the Chiliz token and against USDT), and on the decentralized platform PancakeSwap, with a trading pair available (against the USDT token).

The price of the $FAV token is around $0.013 per token, which represents an increase of around 20% compared to its initial price of $0.11.

To date, the capitalization of the $FAV token is approximately 135 million euros. CBI holds 80% of $FAV tokens, an asset valued at 108 million euros. This compares to a market capitalization of CBI of around 145 ME on the same date.

CBI aims to actively support the development of the Football at AlphaVerse ecosystem, with the $FAV token playing an important role in achieving this objective. This token is in fact the main operating tool of the Football at AlphaVerse world.

CBI will use the token to boost player activity, including through in-game rewards and other promotions, to enter into partnerships with complementary projects that can accelerate growth, and finally to carry out private sales as as needed. Finally, these tokens constitute a liquidity reserve usable for general operations and the development of the platform.



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