CSGO: Copenhagen Flames releases its roster, two players leave for Fnatic

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Copenhagen Flames is taking a break from the competitive CSGO scene by releasing the entire roster on the market. Two players leave for Fnatic who are expanding their roster for the ESL Pro League 16.

It’s official, Fnatic has announced the arrival of its two new Danish competitors for its CS:GO roster. Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjid and Fredrik “roeJ” Jorgensen sign from Copenhagen Flames, who have just put their entire squad on the transfer list. At Fnatic, these two arrivals will replace the benches of ALEX and Poizon last May and begin a complete reorganization of the structure.

A fifth member will soon be announced on the side of the Swedish-English team. According to information from aaait should be Ludwig “HEAP” Alonsoformer Dignitas.

On the CPH side, the roster should be completely renewed for the rest of the year. The remaining trio Hooxi, jabbi and Zyphon is therefore put on the transfer list, following the failure of their sale at the beginning of the year and a lack of agreement on their contracts. The coach vorborg resigned from his post. A new team will be formed eventually, but CPH seems to have put its ambition on the CS:GO scene on hold for the time being.

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