Cubism: the puzzle-game sees a puzzle editor appear on the Meta Quest version

The latest update on Meta Quest of Cubism (v1.6.0), the jigsaw puzzle cube in virtual reality, gave the game a level editor so that everyone could let their creativity run wild.

Made possible since version 1.1.0, the creation of puzzles was then not something easy to do and pushed us to create and manipulate structured data files in the format JSONwhich it was necessary to load into the headset through Side Quest notably.

The developer, Thomas Van Bouwell wanted to develop a tool accessible to all, directly integrated into its game, allowing everyone to create. Each puzzle can be drawn with the controllers or thanks to the hand-tracking and is stored in the headset memory. The generated files are in the format .cube and can be shared, manually at firstbut a sharing function directly from the application should see the light of day in the coming months.

Anyway, to activate the level editor, you have to go to game settings, and from the general tab, activate the option, still at the experimental stage. The developer details all this in the dedicated page to find at this address.

Also note that our QuestGamesOptimizer application offers several graphic profiles for this game in order to improve its visual quality.

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