Cult of the Lamb: already 1 million sales for the rogue-lite with a satanic lamb

Since its announcement a year ago, Cult of the Lamb was desired, and it is one of the essential games of this summer 2022. The title of Massive Monster and Developer Digital follows as a reminder a lamb brought back to life after a sacrifice and who will have to found his own sect to take revenge.

The title was released about ten days ago on computers and consoles, and it has already met with great commercial success. The studios announce that Cult of the Lamb has sold over a million copies on pc, playstation, Xbox and Switch. On the critical side, it was also very positive, as shown by the new trailer bringing together some opinions from the specialized press.

Massive Monster take this opportunity to indicate thathe is aware of several bugs and other issues in Cult of the Lamb, he is obviously working on these concerns and will release updates and patches to correct all of this. Players are also invited to complete a questionnaire to point out some bugs they would have encountered during their games.

Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, you can purchase it for €22.99 on Gamesplanet.

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