Cult of the Lamb: Leshy, how do you beat the boss?

During their adventure on Cult of the Lamb, the players will have to face many bosses, namely the 4 Prelates (also called “Heretics”). The first of them, to be found in the Dark Woods dungeon, is Leshy. Moreover, if you are having trouble eliminating him, here are some tips and details regarding his different attacks.

Defeat Leshy on Cult of the Lamb

In order to face Leshy for the very first time, note that it is imperative to eliminate, beforehand, several mini-bosses and thus perform a few runs within the Dark Woods dungeon. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take you too long. By killing these mini-bosses, you will have access to the final confrontation against the first Prelate of Cult of the Lamb : Leshy.

The different attacks of the boss Leshy and some tips

Leshy, the boss of the Dark Woods dungeon, has several varied attacks, which must be analyzed and known to survive and emerge victorious from this confrontation. On this subject, you can find, below, a description of the attacks of said boss and some advice to help you defeat this first Prelate.

  • Leshy charges up and launches green orbs, which land in certain spots.
    • On the ground, you will be able to see red markers telling you where these orbs land.
      • From then on, you just have to dodge them by rolling or heading to a more secure area.
  • Leshy summons mobs.
    • Each time, several enemies will appear.
      • Try to eliminate them as quickly as possible. If you leave them alive, you can very quickly find yourself overwhelmed.
  • Leshy can propel himself into the air and target you in order to land on your character.
    • Note that when Leshy propels himself into the air, you will see a large red marker represented on the ground, indicating to you the place where the boss will fall.
      • Wait for Leshy to target you at a specific location and the red marker will stop flashing. Then perform a roll to avoid this attack.
  • Leshy is able to summon brambles heading in different directions and thus occupying a more or less large area of ​​the arena.
    • These brambles can leave in a straight line, in the four diagonals, or spread in a circular way.
      • Dodge them or head to the ends of the area to avoid them. By rolling, you can pass through the brambles without taking damage.
  • Leshy can hit the ground around him with his head.
    • Don’t stay too long near the boss. Prefer quick attacks.

Cult of the Lamb - Boss Leshy
As a reminder, Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

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