Cult of the Lamb: The Blood Moon Festival has started and is adding new features – Cult of the Lamb

Available since the beginning of August on most gaming platforms, Massive Monster’s roguelike and Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb, been talking about him again lately. A few days ago we learned that physical editions, destined for the Nintendo Switch and the PS5, are coming in 2023. Today, the title is again in the heart of the news.

The Blood Moon Festival is available on Cult of the Lamb

Indeed, Cult of the Lamb has just welcomed a new ephemeral event. It’s about Blood Moon Festivalwhich is related to Halloween and is available until November 10. Thus, from today until November, players can collect pumpkins. This will allow them to unlock a new ritualwho will resurrect the souls of their former followers (forty pumpkins are required to perform the ritual, according to the information shared in the trailer).

Additionally, by capturing these spirits, players will be able to obtain three new skins for followers and four decorations scary » for their side. Additionally, the developers have added a new music track gambling.

As a reminder, Cult of the Lamb can be found on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. If you are new to the title of Massive Monster and Devolver Digital, know that we have concocted several guides that could help you during your adventure.

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