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Mixing roguelite and management game mechanics, Cult of the Lamb offers a varied and fairly complete gameplay. Moreover, the title of Massive Monster and Devolver Digital asks you to go through dungeons and face many enemies, but also to manage your cult and make your community prosper. On this subject, below, you can find some tips and tricks that could help you during your first hours of play on Cult of the Lamb.

Note that these two lists of tips and tricks are not intended to be exhaustive and are only there to help you get started on Cult of the Lamb.

Tips and advice for the first hours of play on Cult of the Lamb

Tips for Dungeons

At the start of your adventure on Cult of the Lamb, you will discover several quite varied gameplay mechanics. Thus, in the first hours of the game, you will quickly dive into the dungeons and then have to face many enemies. On this subject, discover some tips that could help you during your sessions in the first dungeons:

  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with weapons, hexes and tarot cards.
    • Do not hesitate to read the descriptions of these equipment carefully when you find them and to try them in different areas and through several runs.
  • Analyze mob attacks.
    • By taking the time to analyze enemy patterns, you’ll be better able to defend yourself and spot the right attack windows. This can also help you during your confrontation against the Prelate (boss) of the said dungeon.
  • Explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon area you are in.
    • On the map, displayed at the top right of your screen, you will be able to see the unexplored areas, represented by a “? “.
      • It is important to explore them all, because you could obtain new weapons, spells or tarot cards via NPCs, which could be of great use to you for the rest of your run.
  • Do not hesitate to break the decorations (rocks, grasses, flowers, etc.) and thus collect a maximum of resources.
    • You will be able to recover important elements to make your cult prosper.
  • Visualize/anticipate your journey in the dungeon and do according to your needs.
    • The map available in dungeons has a design quite similar to that of Slay the Spire or Curse of the Dead Gods, for example. Sometimes, you will have an overview of the different zones and the type of event offered. Shape your course according to your desires and needs.

Worship Management Tips

Cult of the Lamb invites you to manage your worship and grow your community. As a result, you will have to carry out certain actions throughout your adventure. Find below several tips concerning the management part of Cult of the Lambespecially for your first hours on the title of Massive Monster and Devolver Digital:

  • Build utility buildings first and put your adepts to work.
    • Thus, we advise you to unlock and build the following infrastructures as soon as possible:
      • Mine.
      • Lumberjack post.
      • Farmer’s post and several agricultural plots.
  • Upgrade your Altar as soon as possible.
    • Via improvements called “Cult”.
  • Make sure you have enough sleeping bags/shelters for your devotees.
  • Affiliate a maximum of prayer followers to collect divine inspiration as quickly as possible.
  • Constantly pay attention to the unsanitary gauge of your community.
    • Regularly walk around the area to clean up excrement and vomit from followers. So they won’t get sick.
      • Afterwards, you will be able to unlock the Cleaning Station, which will allow you to delegate these tasks.
  • Remember to perform sermons daily and bless your followers regularly.
  • Prepare as many meals as possible, whenever you can.
  • Take the time to read the descriptions of the buildings that you can unlock, via the Altar, thanks to divine inspiration.
  • Pay attention to the stats (buff and debuff) of new recruits.
  • Complete Adept Quests to collect Command Stones.
    • Command Stones unlock Doctrines.

Cult of the Lamb - Cult
As a reminder, Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

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