“Culture Days” – breaking down prejudices: Chechens meet police officers

After some negative headlines about the Chechen community, the city of Vienna is trying to integrate and enlighten. At the “Chechen Culture Days” a police officer meets the Chechen Ahmad. Potential for conflict or peace? krone.tv was there!

Shootings, terror, radicalization – the Chechen community does not only enjoy a dubious reputation in Austria. Recently, this population group made the headlines again after it became known that one of the three terror suspects involved in the “Vienna Pride” is of Chechen origin. The City of Vienna is trying to provide information. “Cop and Che” So the City of Vienna invited to the “Chechen Culture Days”. Prejudices are to be eliminated and integration promoted. On the second day, the Chechen Ahmad met the policeman Uwe at an event. Both are not unknown to each other, they run the successful account “Cop&Che” on TikTok together. One of her videos has more than 400,000 views on Tiktok. “Can I bring a knife? How long can the blade be?” The differences between Ahmad and Uwe are obvious, but they both found each other. You want to clarify. “Can I carry a knife with me? How long can the blade be?”, “How do I behave towards the police?” and “What happens if I get caught with 2 grams of hash in my pocket?” are the most common user questions. Some hostilities and a lot of interest Ahmad says his work has caused him to be treated as a “traitor” and “infidel” by some of his countrymen. But most of them think his videos are good and would want to take a selfie with him. He likes Uwe’s “typical Austrian joke”. When Uwe told him about his “Baked Chicken Cemetery”, Ahmad also laughed a lot. You can see the impressions of the second day of the “Chechen Culture Days” above!
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