Culture news Spoiled by excrement… This prestigious k-pop event was a real disaster!

Culture news Spoiled by excrement… This prestigious k-pop event was a real disaster!

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A ceremony highly anticipated by k-pop fans did not take place at all as planned, which caused a lot of noise on social networks.

To reward South Korean artists who were particularly present during the year 2023, numerous ceremonies take place. A real event for k-pop fans, they highlight idols and bring them together in the same place. Recently, these are the Hanteo Music Awards 2023 which took place, notably awarding the prize for best artist to NCT Dream and best album to Seventeen.

However, during the second day of the ceremony, an unexpected incident disrupted all the spectators present and caused a lot of discussion on social networks. Watching footage of the ceremony, fans seemed particularly agitated and some shoving took place. According to numerous testimonies, this crowd movement was caused by a person who was unable to stop urinating and defecating at the scene of the event, in the middle of the standing crowd.

The 2023 Hanteo Music Awards spoiled by an unexpected incident

Yesterday, social media was flooded with posts related to the unfortunate incident at the Hanteo Music Awards. Spectators present indicated on. Some people present even saw idols holding their noses because of the strong smell. Apparently, it was impossible to leave the room to go to the toilet, and the person who caused this incident had no choice but to do so.

Following this incident, Internet users widely discussed it on social networks. At first, there was general incomprehension, especially with videos of idols who seemed disturbed by what was happening in the crowd (video above). Then, the information about this event became clearer and the terms “the person who defecated” quickly became a trend in South Korea on X. Internet users still shared their sympathy for the person who could not do so. other than holding back, since it was not possible to make a way through the dense crowd. In the end, many criticized the poor organization of the event, on the one hand because of the impossibility of getting to the toilets, and on the other, because of the fact that the employees were late in coming to clean. In short, the Hanteo Music Awards 2023 caused a lot of talk, but not for the right reasons!

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