Culture news “They have someone else in mind”: Henry Cavill might not play this big screen star… Too bad!

Culture news “They have someone else in mind”: Henry Cavill might not play this big screen star… Too bad!

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Now that Henry Cavill is no longer involved in The Witcher and Superman, the British actor can afford to be on the lookout and on the lookout for opportunities. For once, this is not what seems to be missing and it is said that the actor would soon arrive in the MCU.

A VERY important role in the MCU?

After playing Superman in the DCEU and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, Henry Cavill is now a free man… but probably for longer. First of all, we recall thathe will be featured in the next Highlander, but also in the Warhammer 40,000 project on behalf of Amazon Prime Video: also and above all, he says more and more seriously that he will be in the MCU.

Two rumors have been fighting for several days: the first being cited above and the second concerns the fact that Daniel Craig would be in discussions with Disney to play Dr. Doom, the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four (and potentially the new big bad of the universe, following Kang’s forced departure). The problem is that the insider MyTimeToShineHello, more than renowned for his scoops in the film industry, confessed “having heard that Marvel was thinking of someone else instead”.

From the greatest superhero, Superman, to the greatest Marvel villain, Doctor Doom… Henry Cavill

No, that would probably be the craziest casting announcement ever!

Obviously, everyone then has their eyes fixed on Henry Cavill, with high hopes that he will play the man we also call Dr. Doom… but it would be to the detriment of another major opportunity: that of playing James Bond.

Goodbye James Bond?

Now that Daniel Craig’s James Bond is no more, MGM must find another performer and it’s a matter that has caused a lot of discussion: Henry Cavill’s name comes up quite regularly in requests from fans and fans. ‘elsewhere, the actor recently expressed his desire to slip into 007’s suit. Well, in any case, it wouldn’t bother him.

But here it is: according to various Hollywood insiders, accepting a role in the MCU would force him to close the door on James Bond and it’s easy to understand why, both requiring a strong physical and media presence.

Incidentally, let’s remember that it is said that Cavill could also take over the role of Wolverine to succeed Hugh Jackman or that of Cyclops, from the X-Men. In short, it’s still vague and we will therefore try to wait patiently to see more clearly…

Is there a superhero or supervillain that you think Henry Cavill could specifically play?

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