Culture news This famous video game license is coming back next year, but it’s not what you think!

Culture news This famous video game license is coming back next year, but it’s not what you think!

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After many rumors, we now have confirmation that this famous video game license will return to the forefront. However, you shouldn’t expect a video game, but something completely different! In this case, the franchise has already had the right to a new title on PC and new generation consoles in September 2023. So, it decided that a new film was going to thrill fans: we already have a release date!

The bloodiest tournament in the world will return for a second part

Lately, video game adaptations have been rather popular. So obviously, this pushes more than one license to exploit the vein. Not so long ago, we learned that a famous video game license was going to make its return to cinema screens after a first opus which had divided critics quite a bit and had not won a single franc. box office success: 55 million budget for 84.4 million dollars in box office revenue. Here, we are referring to the feature film Mortal Kombatreleased in 2021. Even so, the success was correct but nothing more, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the production company New Line Cinema and the project executives, including Warner Bros.

Indeed, beyond these figures, the film Mortal Kombat has, it seems, found its audience. On Rotten Tomatoesthe feature film, directed by Simon McQuoid, has nothing to be ashamed of since it managed to reach 86% recommendation, which is not necessarily given to all films. It is therefore in view of this great popular success that the project executives wanted to set the table again with a suite. Even if it has been rumored for a while, the prospect of a new adaptation has become much more credible in recent days, and we even know the release date.

Mortal Kombat 2 already has a release date, but we’ll have to wait a long time!

For fans of the license Mortal Kombatthere is now a date to absolutely block: October 22, 2025. The announcement came not too long ago, and it’s Warner Bros. who was responsible for this confirmation! Note that spectators who enjoyed the first part can already look forward to the return of Simon McQuoid behind the camera. The little surprise is that this sequel will be able to count on the pen of Jeremy Slater, screenwriter of Moon Knightfor writing the script. Casually, there are quite a few little celebrations since the casting of the 2021 film should be completed by the presence of an actor… from the series The Boys !

After the bloody series on the Amazon Prime Video platform, actor Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings, Thor: Ragnarok…) will therefore continue with the goriest of combat video game licenses by making an appearance in this sequel, and he doesn’t play just any role! Last January, he posted a publication on Instagram to announce that he had finished his part of the filming as the iconic Johnny Cage. To make the sauce rise, the leading actor of The Boys even declared that it was “without question the most action-packed and fun film I have ever made”. We will see, in less than a year and a half, whether he is telling the truth or not!

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