Culture News This Marvel Movie Wasn’t Available on Disney+ Until Now, But That Just Changed

Culture news This Marvel Movie Wasn’t Available on Disney+ Until Now, But That Just Changed

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Just a few days ago, there was an MCU film that was missing from the Disney+ catalog! However, the big-eared firm has decided to correct this error and begin negotiations. Because, yes, it was not that simple due to broadcasting rights that had to be monetized. Today, all the superheroes are complete on the Disney platform, but for how long?

There was a major film missing from Disney+’s MCU feature film slate

Instinctively, one might believe, by subscribing to the Disney+ streaming platform, that one can find any film there. Marvel. Well, imagine that this is not particularly the case and that there was indeed a film to contradict this popular belief ! In this case, this absence is explained quite easily since there was a time when films Marvel were not solely under the leadership of Disney. Obviously, when we form partnerships with other production companies, this can sometimes slow down certain processes or prevent them from being implemented. In this case, it was because of the participation of Paramount Pictures that the film was not available on Disney+.

From now on, Disney finally had the opportunity to correct this mistake by obtaining the coveted broadcast rightsespecially since it is a feature film which has immense importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In France, this is a problem that subscribers face since the principle established by the media chronology must be respected. Although the law was revised in January 2022, setting the limit at 17 months before a film joins the catalog, it has not been applied retroactively, meaning that some films are missing out. still on call like Black Widow (July 2021), Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (September 2021) or The Eternals (November 2021).

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Iron Man, the superhero who laid the foundation stone of the MCU and saved it!

That being said, Disney+ subscribers don’t have to worry since these three feature films have a good chance of appearing in the coming months. In the meantime, it’s… Iron Man which tells them, in a way, what to do ! Yes, even after all these years and for the reasons we mentioned, the cornerstone of the MCU, the film which had laid the foundations of the cinematographic universe was not yet visible on the platform of the large-scale company. ears. From now on, subscribers can enjoy it, since May 10. For the moment, we do not know until what date the broadcasting rights negotiated by Disney+ run, but it is likely that the film will disappear again in the event of non-renewal.

In doubt, it’s surely now or never to watch again the beginnings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and savor the performance of Robert Downey Jr. in his iconic role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. Since the release of the feature film Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. has hung up his gloves after more than ten years, and it’s not nostalgia that will bring him back. Last December, we had confirmation that Tony Stark would not return in future projects of the MCU : he saved him oncenot two!

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