Curious animal rescue – escape from a snake: the kitchen almost burned down

A woman was surprised by a snake on Tuesday in her kitchen in Kresbach, part of the municipality of Bad Schwanberg in the Styrian district of Deutschlandsberg. She fled and didn’t dare go back to the hot stove. The Hollenegg fire brigade had to intervene.

“The owner of the house is very afraid of snakes. That’s why she left the kitchen in a hurry,” the Hollenegg fire brigade describes the incident on Tuesday. The problem: she forgot to switch off the stove. The helpers moved to Kresbach with six men and women. When the fire department arrived, smoke had already developed. The stove was switched off, then the troop went in search of the snake, which luckily was found after a short time. The mission was over after 30 minutes. The fire brigade released the snake back into nature near the armory.
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