Curls with socks: 3 steps to a glamor look

curls with socks
Glamorous waves without the heat

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Curls with socks are the perfect alternative to curling irons and straighteners. This method not only saves a lot of time and energy, it is also gentle on the hair.

The miracle weapons “socks” not only keep your feet warm, but also make your curls beautiful. The best instructions and tips for curls with socks and thus without a curling iron or straightening iron can be found here.

Curls with socks: no more heat!

That Heat not the best for the hair is no longer a secret. Regular use of the hair dryer, curling iron or straightening iron can break off the hair, which dry the ends and make the hair brittle. But for the perfectly long-lasting curls, you need heat, right? Wrong thought! Here we let the socks do the work for us.

With the sock curls, we will in future give a wide berth to everything that damages our hair. The method is not just unbelievable simple and fast, she also convinces us beautiful results. It doesn’t matter whether it’s glamorous curls or beach waves: the socks make your hair look like it was styled by a hairdresser. With just a few tools you can conjure up the most beautiful curls at home without a curling iron or straightening iron … with socks!

You need these tools for the curls with socks:

  • Socks, knee socks or tights,
  • scrunchie hair ties,
  • hair clips,
  • a brush,
  • and, if necessary, a spray bottle with water.

You can achieve this with thicker knee socks or hiking socks bigger curls. je thinner the material of the socks, the smaller will the curls too.

Sock curls: how it works!

Curls with socks: 3 steps to glamorous waves without heat

In order for the curls to last as long as possible, it is important that you prepare your hair properly. damp hair take the desired shape better and better. The curls with socks work best with damp hair: not too wet, but also not too dry.

It is optimal for the curls if your hair is about 80 percent dry is. Otherwise you spray your dry hair with some water. A good crowd is coming mousse and texture spray in the hair. This makes the curls more defined and makes them last longer. Now comb your hair with a brush. Curls with socks work best with the following instructions.

Step by step instructions for curls with socks:

  1. section hair: Part the sock curls in the middle and place your parted hair forward over both shoulders. Now divide each half again between the top and bottom of the head. Pin the top section of hair out of the way with a bobby pin – we’ll start curling at the bottom section of hair. Sectioning your hair into larger sections will soften the curls.
  2. Wrap around the socks: Attach the socks to your hair at the very top with a bobby pin. Part your hair again and grab a section of hair with each hand. Now you alternately wrap the two parts of the hair crosswise around the socks. The tighter the curling of the hair, the more defined the curls will be later. Secure the hair and socks at the bottom with a scrunchie hair tie. Now you can remove the top bobby pins that were holding the socks out of your hair. Repeat this step for each sectioned section of hair.
  3. Waiting for the curls: With the socks in your hair you now have to make friends for at least three hours. The longer the better! So it’s best to sleep in your socks overnight. If you are in a hurry, you can also use the hair dryer. Before you remove the socks from your hair, fix your hair again with hairspray for maximum hold of the curls. And voila! Your perfectly styled hair with glamorous curls with socks, without any flat irons or curling irons, is perfect.

Instructions: Beach waves with socks

In addition to Hollywood curls, the socks can do much more! Also beach waves are no problem with this method. To do this, prepare the hair as usual, divide it into individual sections and clip the socks to the hair at the top. Now the hair do not wrap, but braid with the socks as the third strand. Secure socks and hair back in place with a scrunchie hair tie. After a few hours or overnight you will have the perfect beach waves, without any flat irons, curling irons or heat.

Corkscrew curls with socks

Socks or tights are also perfect for small corkscrew curls. Because the thinner the socks, the smaller and twisted the curls become. So if you take a pair of tights and wrap your hair around them, the desired look will be perfect.

Corkscrew curls with socks step by step:

  1. Divide the hair into a middle parting. For this method, the hair is re-in two games divided up. The tights with the “legs” apart place on the head and secure in the middle of the hair with a hair clip.
  2. We start with a small strand of hair at the very top of the head framing the face. This we wrap around the pantyhose away from the face. One before the next turn another part hair add and wrap around the stocking leg again. Add more hair again before each subsequent twist until all hair is tangled. At the end, secure the hair and sock with a scrunchie. Repeat these steps on the other side.
  3. Finally, the two stocking legs knot together at the back of the head – this keeps the twist in the hair and the curls become more intense.

This method of curling with socks is also best for you over night leave in your hair. Each guide is best for late risers who don’t want to deal with styling their hair early in the morning. As an alternative to the socks, you can also use one Robe Belt for the curls or even one kitchen towel use.

Your hair will thank you if you grab your socks instead of straightening irons or curling irons to style great curls or casual beach waves!


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