Curtain bangs on curly hair are trendy!

Do you have curly hair and still wondering if you can go for bangs? Curtain bangs can become your best ally, provided you maintain them on a daily basis. The opportunity to stock up on good advice and ideas …

Who said curly-haired women weren't allowed to wear bangs? " Spontaneously, we do not recommend the fringe on curly or frizzy hair for the simple reason that it must be replaced daily using a brush or a straightener to make it look pretty ", Says Gaëtan Guegan, Head of Hairdressing & Co. training You will understand, nothing is impossible. But this requires special maintenance.

But then, is it possible to adopt any type of fringe on curly hair? Again, not everything is so simple. " When hair implantation is low and close to eye level, it is strongly discouraged to have straight or short bangs. The curtain fringe is the best optionwe », Confirms the hairdresser. " When the location is a little further away, two options are preferred. The bangs wick first », Explains Gaëtan Guégan. It is ideal when it is degraded or tapered. It is worn on the side. " The curtain fringe then. She dresses the front. It can easily be styled on the forehead or the sides. It gives a softer result, which frames the facee ”. Beyond the fact that it is trendy, it is therefore suitable for any type of forehead and face.

What exactly are curtain bangs?

This hairstyle became emblematic in the 70s thanks, in particular, to Brigitte Bardot. These are bangs, a bit long, pulled down on both sides of the face. It blends in perfectly with a gradient. On the hairdresser side, we can therefore shift it to one side or another or form a hole in the face so " to bring an ovalization at eye level », Says Gaëtan Guegan. It is also possible to let a few short strands fall down to the center of the forehead and place the longer strands to the side in front or behind the ears.

To try it is to adopt it. In recent years, curtain bangs have become fashionable again. This is the ultimate beauty hair trend. On the red carpet, in magazines or on Instagram… impossible to get through. Alexa Chung, Monica Bellucci, Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Séléna Gomez, Lady Gaga, Kirsten Dunst, Zooey Deschanel, Dakota Johnson, Angèle, Marion Cotillard, Louise Bourgoin, Sophie Marceau or even Carla Bruni have already succumbed to this hairstyle-disheveled style. On the hairstyle side, curtain bangs can be worn with loose hair but also when the hair is pulled up in a bun but also in a ponytail.

How to maintain curtain bangs on curly hair?

" The interview is the key word », Confirms the hairdresser. When you have curly hair, it is necessary to regularly treat your hair before even opting for bangs. To do this, use a shampoo that best matches the nature of your hair. We recommend, in particular, the restorative shampoo from Virtue, which repairs and moisturizes damaged hair (sold exclusively at Sephora), the rich chromatic bath reflection from Kérastase, shampoo for colored and highlighted hair (on sale in Sephora) or the Biolage volume bloom shampoo from Matrix (on sale at Amazon).

You can also apply shape memory treatments, which allow the hair to keep moving longer. " The hair will be silkier and easier to comb ", Considers the trainer of Coiff & Co. The brand sells, in particular, a shape memory jelly that allows long-lasting, perfect and frizz-free styling. This product is applied to damp hair. Apply a dab of gel to the lengths and style. A treatment that you can also adopt for your bangs. You can also use moisturizers like Matrix Curl please (available from visionhair). Enriched with jojoba oil, this treatment hydrates curly and wavy hair to control frizz and define curls.

When it comes to hairstyling, don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice, in a hairdressing salon. Good to know: it is recommended to degrade your hair in order to obtain a better distribution of the volume of your curls. Now that your hair is healthy, you are now ready to move on to curtain bangs. How to take care of it once you've taken the plunge? At home, apply a texturizing product, like the texturizing spray by René Furterer (available on doctipharma), on damp hair in order to brush for better hold. You can also use a dry shampoo. From our side, we recommend the Saint Algue dry shampoo (available here). All you have to do is (re) place it with a brush and a hair dryer or a straightener. We recommend, in particular, the fine finishing brush from GHD (available here), ideal for fringes, the Jean Louis David Parlux 3500 hair dryer as well as the Coiff & Co mini straightener and the ghd mini styler straightener (available here ), which are ideal for short hair for precise styling.

Gaëtan Guegan delivers, by the way, some advice to avoid damaging your hair with a heating device. " The mistake most clients make is running the plates over the same bit multiple times. The risk is to overheat the wick. It is therefore better to pass the plate once, as slowly as possible. Then let the wick cool. Then reproduce this same gesture on the other wicks ". Note that there are treatments that protect the hair from heat, such as the Play Safe 230 ° spray from Redken, which reduces the appearance of split ends by 70%. Formulated with vegetable proteins, this product strengthens the hair while protecting the strands from heat up to 230 ° C (available on Amazon)

But then, at what pace to return to the hairdresser? It is recommended, at the time of regrowth, to make an appointment in a hairdressing salon to resume the bangs and their length. Unless you are an expert in the field, it is better to avoid giving yourself a scissors …

Now that you know all about curtain bangs on curly hair, here are a few hairstyle ideas that might inspire you.