Curvy women make this styling mistake again and again – according to Miyabi Kawai


Miyabi Kawai reveals
Curvy women make this styling mistake again and again

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Loving yourself and your look – that's the secret to good style, says Miyabi Kawai. In an interview, the fashion professional reveals which fashion trap women should no longer fall into.

Wear dark colors, rely on longest stripes and please don't choose anything figure-hugging – there are countless supposed "fashion rules" that Curvy women have to listen to again and again and which in the end lead to them standing unsafe in front of the closet at home, instead of relying on your own instinct for fashion.

Miyabi Kawai thinks it is much too bad and totally wrong. The fashion professional knows exactly how to perfectly stage our curves and proves this in his collections for the Sheego fashion house. The designer has made it her business to encourage women to reflect their own personality in their clothes. Because one thing is certain: curves are not an obstacle to a trendy look. In an interview with, she reveals:

The most common mistake is to rely solely on concealing. If the focus is to look slimmer or to hide, you can see that in the outfit and it can neither be fashionable, trendy or an expression of personality. The opposite sees the uncertainty in an all black look.

So instead of always grabbing the widest and darkest outfit, it is important to consider what one would perhaps rather see oneself. In a bright red outfit? In a tight-fitting dress with statement shoulders? Or in a cool pants suit with a wild pattern? We should trust our own tastes, Miyabi Kawai believes.

It is better to wear what you really want and to cover up (if you want). This works if you know the appropriate cuts for your own body type, which emphasize the advantages and work with darker tones and matt materials on the crucial areas.

Confidence in yourself is the basis for a good look and essential if you are still looking for your own style. Dress or pants, plain or patterned – if you are still unsure, you should do one thing above all:

Try, try, try. If you like it, wear it. Courage, nothing can happen!