Customers pay more: Moeller-Maersk raises forecast again

Customers pay more
Moeller-Maersk raises forecast again

The economy worldwide comes from the Corona Valley. Order consumers and companies. The supply chains are tense. Shipping benefits from this. She can ask for higher prices for the transport of the containers. Industry leader Moeller-Maersk is becoming more and more confident.

The shipping company AP Moeller-Maersk AS has again raised its forecast for the year. The reason for this is higher freight rates due to persistent bottlenecks in the supply chains. The world’s largest container shipping company in terms of capacity is now more optimistic than before for the current third quarter. “The strong result is due to the ongoing exceptional market situation on the ocean, which has led to a further increase in long and short-term container freight rates,” said Maersk.

Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) is expected to reach nearly $ 7 billion for the third quarter and $ 22 billion to $ 23 billion for the full year. In April and August, the group had already raised its forecast for the year and recently announced an adjusted result in the range of 18 billion to 19.5 billion dollars.

The operating profit (EBIT) is expected to be almost $ 6 billion in the period from July to September and between $ 18 billion to 19 billion in the full year 2021. Here the forecast was previously at $ 14 billion to $ 15.5 billion. Free cash flow for the year should be at least $ 14.5 billion, 3 billion more than previously expected, it said.

Maersk stated that the market is more volatile than normal and therefore uncertainties remain that could affect the forecast. The group will publish the results for the third quarter on November 2nd.