Cyberattack: the list of hospitals affected in 2022

Many hospitals in France were victims of cyberattacks in 2022. The vital importance of these establishments, the sensitivity of the data they host and the media effect make them prime targets for hackers.

With ransomware, hackers have shown that they are more of a “shoot the ambulance” type. If collectives have affirmed, in their “ethical” charter, that they would never strike health establishments, this rule has been swept away by grotesque excuses such as: “ it is forbidden to risk the life of patients, but perfectly authorized to steal data from a hospital “. This is what we read, for example, at Lockbit.

It is moreover this small group which is at the origin of the attack against the hospital center of Corbeil-Essonnes, the most impressive and the most publicized this year. The situation was so degraded that the establishment had to note the arrival of patients in notebooks. The total cost for a return to normal is estimated at two million euros, or double the ransom demanded by the criminals to unlock the data.

Ad on Lockbit site asking for $1 million or private patient information will be leaked. // Source: Numerama

Other groups, like Vice Society, openly claim they have no qualms about targeting hospitals. They attacked two establishments in France this year. Other operations remained discreet, or ignored, the directors of the establishment preferring to maintain the exchanges with the criminals under the seal of secrecy. These hacks against hospitals should not stop: the sensitive nature of the data that is stolen, as well as the panic effect caused by these operations, make them prime targets.

The list of hospitals affected by a cyberattack in 2022:

  • Leonardo da Vinci Clinic in Chambray-les-Tours : ransomware attack on January 7th. The criminals demanded 500,000 euros in ransoms.
  • Sanitary city of Saint-Nazaire : attacked on January 12, patients are deprived of television, the Internet and communication with their loved ones.
  • Castelluccio Hospital, Ajaccio : affected by ransomware on March 28, radiology and oncology care was suspended.
  • Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François hospitals : victims of ransomware on April 19. The authors demanded a ransom of 1.2 million euros.
  • Mâcon hospital center : touched on May 27.
  • Arles hospital center: hit by ransomware on August 2, claimed by Vice Society.
  • Corbeil-Essonnes hospital center: ransomware attack on August 20, claimed by Lockbit. Ransom demand of 1 million euros.
  • Cahors Hospital : cyberattack on September 12.
  • Bluets Maternity Hospital, Paris 13th : Hit by ransomware on October 9, claimed by Vice Society.
  • André-Mignot Hospital, Versailles : ransomware attack on December 3.
  • Argenteuil Hospital Center (foiled) : intrusion attempt at the beginning of December.
  • CHU Nice (thwarted) : touched on December 3, the firewall blocked the operation.
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