Cybergun: a letter of intent received for the civil division

( – Cybergun announced on Tuesday that it had received a first letter of intent with a view to acquiring the assets of its civil division, at a time when the group is seeking to refocus on its military activities.

The manufacturer of replica ball weapons indicates that this expression of interest values ​​the main tangible assets (stocks) and intangible assets (licenses) at more than 10 million euros, to be compared with a market capitalization of less than 700,000 euros for society as a whole.

In a press release, Cybergun explains that it has chosen not to sign an exclusivity agreement at this stage, in order to continue discussions with other potential buyers.

The proceeds from this sale could nevertheless allow it to support the development plan of its military and hunting division, whose 2023 turnover increased by 38% to 21.8 million euros last year.

The civil division generated revenues of 23.5 million euros in 2023.

The sale, if it were to materialize, would allow the company to create a ‘pure player’ (specialized player) with a profitable growth profile that is much more attractive in the eyes of investors, explains Hugo Brugière, its manager.

Following this announcement, the stock rose by more than 22% on Tuesday on the Paris Stock Exchange.

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