Cybertruck: this start-up transforms the electric pickup into a motorhome for €22,000

The startup Space Campers is one of its companies that have decided to ride on the success of Cybertruck, Tesla’s futuristic pickup truck. Indeed, the company presented in June 2022 a concept to transform the vehicle into a real motorhome. And precisely, Space Campers has just revealed the possibilities offered by this motorhome.

Credits: Space Campers

Since its “failed” presentation in November 2019, the Cybertruck has enjoyed astonishing success with buyers. Despite multiple production delays, with a launch now set for sometime in 2023, Tesla had more than 1.5 million Cybertruck pre-orders in November 2022.

Faced with this triumph of the electric pickup, a few companies have decided to surf the Cybertruck fashion. This is particularly the case of the startup Space Campers. The company offers no more and no less to transform the Cybertruck into a motorhome thanks to a complete kit sold from 24,000 dollars, or 22,000 euros.

The concept was presented quickly in June 2022, and as we approach 2023, the supposed year of the Cybertruck’s launch, Space Campers has decided to remind future buyers of its product’s existence.

Turn the Cybertruck into a makeshift bedroom, office or kitchen

As the latest Space Campers video explains, this extension is attached directly to the back of the pickup. According to the company, the weight and design have been thought out to have a minimal effect on the range of the vehicle. appreciable point, the kit doubles the storage capacity of the trunk once installed.

According to the company, the kit allows you to set up your camp in just a few minutes. “With the push of a button, our air cylinders use your truck’s on-board compressor to open or retract your motorhome.” details the brand. As you can see on the video, it is therefore possible to install the bedding (of sufficient size for two people) on the roof of the Cybertruck, or inside for more security.

cybertruck motorhome
Credits: Space Campers

But this is only one configuration among many others. User can remove bed parts to transform the interior of the Cybertruck into an open-air office. In addition, additional paying accessories will make it possible to add a fully equipped kitchen, with induction hob, sink, cutting board and compartment for storing utensils and cutlery. Side rails will also allow the kitchen to be deployed on the sides of the vehicle.

That’s not all, since users can transform the bed platform into a dining table or a screen for a video projector (available as an option). If all this turns out to be promising, it would now be necessary for Space Campers to decide to take the next step: production of this kit.

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