CYGNI: All Guns Blazing resurfaces with a trailer dedicated to its story

CYGNI: All Guns Blazing was first a small project started by KeelWorks as an independent project. But seeing that this twin stick shooter had everything of an heir of a Gradiusof a TwinBee or a Salamander(and a Ikaruga to quote the competition) Konami has set its sights on the KeelWorks baby. First revealed in 2020, the announcement of this collaboration between KeelWorks and Konami was announced in 2021. Then much more, apart from a vague announcement in August 2022 specifying a release window in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and pc. CYGNI was missing subscribers. It is therefore with a certain relief mixed with concern that we have seen a new trailer for the game, revealing its history, and with some very nervous gameplay extracts.

IkaruWatch out

Atmosphere oldschool and graphics next gen seem to go well with this CYGNI. old-school, it is also with its story of biomechanical aliens who storm the planet Cygni. The hero that you are will therefore jump into the first ship available to twirl at all costs between torrents of pellets aimed only at your destruction. It will be possible to alternate between two styles of play, offensive and defensive, in order to survive. Pre-orders on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series are available now. Physical editions are also in preparation, it will be necessary to monitor the official site of CYGNI to be able to reserve them. The official press release confirmed a release for the title sometime in 2023.

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